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Meet Chas


Yearn to Fear - unlike any other thriller you've read.

"This book’s different. If you’re like me, you need a sophisticated thriller with humour and banter, technical at times, with tasteful sex scenes, and tying up every loose end. You want it to have dramatic peaks, emotional and awkward troughs, educated gunplay and compelling in-betweens. You want multiple masterful twists, clever turns, and unexpected events you so did not see coming. You want to be kept interested, enthused, stunned, and amazed by an original plot the author wasn’t lazy with, and believable at all times - no matter what!  If you’re like me, this book is for you, because I wrote it for us, serious thriller lovers. When you’re sad it’s finished, please tell me. I've already started to write you another one! Cheers Chas" 

Chas Murrell has been a Police Officer, Senior Fire Commander and a Customs Coastwatch surveillance mission co-ordinator. A deep thinker and problem solver, he has published academic papers on liquid hydrogen and held a worldwide provisional patent for a nonlinear mathematical calculation. He survived Australia’s largest gas BLEVE in 1987, and a few other close encounters - all these first-hand stories will be covered in his blogs.

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