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Book Reviews for Yearn to Fear - Australian Spy Thriller - The Lamarr Series

Chas Murrell’s techno-thriller, Yearn to Fear, is undeniably compelling as it is centred on industrial espionage, a likely theme in a world where governments and companies continue the race of unravelling more lucrative technological advancements.


To lower budget deficits following the COVID-19 outbreak, the Australian government hopes to develop extremely efficient computer chips. Marcus Hall is the prime Sydney-based CSIRO electronics engineer tasked with developing the revolutionary Lamarr chips. Murrell’s elaborate writing begins the mystery with an obvious antagonist. As the mystery unfolds, more unexpected revelations are made. Work continues as usual for Marcus who enjoys a friendly working environment alongside his assistant, Henry, and Sarah, the project manager. The excitement around the project mounts when Marcus makes an overwhelming discovery: a ground-breaking neuroscience breakthrough. The plot is fascinating and moves fast following the discovery. Suddenly caught at the centre of an arson attack and blazing guns, Marcus begins to question who he has been working with. Chas Murrell palliates the tense action scenes with humorous remarks and romantic scenes. His characters are refreshingly realistic. As the main character, Marcus is heroic but also initially unconscious of everything going on around him. The antagonist is brutal and calculating yet given to irrational behaviour.

Murrell’s experience shows throughout the book as he carefully explains the project which forms the basis of the novel. Interesting technical descriptions are explained in an easy-to-understand language. Even as part of a series, the novel can be read and understood on its own. Its extraordinary plot is built purposefully towards its exciting climax. Tense conflicts are also resolved and explanations are provided within the book. Still, one is left wanting more of author, Chas Murrell’s incredible work and as the novel is skillfully executed.

An exciting introduction to The Lamarr Series, Yearn to Fear is a rewarding thriller that incorporates possible technological trends in its fascinating storyline. A perfect interesting and exciting novel for this day and age.

Yearn to Fear: Australian Spy Thriller (The Lamarr – Book 1) by Chas Murrell comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Cafe Reviews.

I was not sure what to expect when I picked this book, especially as I hadn’t encountered the author before, however I was not disappointed. At first I thought this was a typical thriller, bad guys, guns, heroes etc, it is true it was but more besides. The setting is almost science fiction, being set after the Covid-19 pandemic and the dawn of the use of 5G. This also has a medical and scientific aspect that shows research by the author, with the strange development of the Marc1 and it’s possible applications.
The author gives the characters depth, and a back story which really helps getting to know them, however this does not mean that they are predictable - far from it. There is a balance of male and females, with the female characters being integral to the storyline rather than the damsels in distress. That does not mean that there is not a cheeky bit of romance, and of course a description of a hunky man is never not welcome!
The plot line and the development of the story is original and makes exciting reading. I have read lots of thrillers set in America, Britain and the Netherlands but never one set in Australia before, however I would read another.
The political aspect to the plot line is interesting and develops well over the course of the novel.
I really enjoyed this book, I read it quickly and at no point did I feel it dragged. I am converted to Australian spy thrillers and would certainly read more from this author. So for those of you who are looking for spies, guns, plot twists, political intrigue, and just a spot of romance, I wholeheartedly recommend.

Cherry - Amazon UK

Author Chas Murrell has crafted a high-stakes work of thriller fiction with plenty of actions, spills, and drama, and one which will surely consume readers from cover to cover. One of the things which I particularly liked about the work was its cinematic quality, crafted in part by the author’s lively descriptions of action scenes and settings, but also in the compelling, slick dialogue. Delivering exposition and character can be tricky, but Murrell balances both to give a well-rounded adventure with a coherent plot and larger than life enemies who really amp up the danger. A modern take on the spy genre with plenty of good crunchy science fiction thrown in, I would certainly recommend Yearn to Fear for fans of the genre seeking a sleek update. A promising start to an exciting new thriller series.

K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

Yearn to Fear is an intelligent and intriguing novel. It is the very first book I have read set in a post Covid 19 future which is reassuring in a way. The main premise of the story is the invention of the Marc1, a box that utilises 5G and radio waves but has the unexpected effect of sending a listener to sleep whilst promoting intense feelings of love and/or sexual desire. It follows that people are out to discover what other feelings might be engendered by this box, and how they might be utilised.
There is political intrigue aplenty, spies at every turn, murder and mayhem, but at the base of it there is a steady thread of warm humour and a cast of characters you are rooting for. I had many laugh out loud moments. Some of the more intricate descriptions of the workings and use of the radio waves I found myself struggling with, but was fascinated to learn that Hedy Lamarr (after whom the original microchip in the story is named) was an iconic actress but also an inventor and an early player in our now popular Bluetooth! Fascinating! The author has clearly done masses of research to make the story interesting and believable. I found I enjoyed it very much.

Lisa Lambert - Amazon UK

"Chas Murrell begins The Lamarr Series with his technothriller, Yearn to Fear. We could also classify this as a spy thriller since you never know which character is spying on whom. This novel uses a unique invention to bring out the best and worse in each character of this story. The pace quickens as each member of the development team struggles to secure the secret prototypes, endangering the others. The author captures your attention with his attention to details and the mystery of who is calling the shots. With meticulous care, Murrell uses elements of a good thriller; a distinct plot, complex and compelling characters, and an action-packed ending. If you love spy thrillers, you will enjoy this novel."

Peggy Jo Wipf for Readers’ Favorite

"Yearn to Fear is a psychological thriller novel that had me sitting on the edge of my seat and wanting more. Marcus was a man of action. He believed in doing rather than just making elaborate plans about what he wanted to do. He proved his worth to readers by keeping his head on straight and by only looking forward. I loved the suspense behind the spy and I was holding my breath every time Marcus came close to finding out who it was. The betrayal felt real because Chas Murrell very eloquently made it so. The descriptions, the action, and the overall drama in the story make it worthy of being made into a TV series or even a movie. Marcus’s complex yet humble nature shone through and had me rooting for him until the end. This is powerful and entertaining, superior quality fiction that you will love."

Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

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